We all make choices throughout the day.

Do we sit here or sit there? Do we drive this lane or the next? Should we answer this way or that? Should we eat now or later?

Ought we? Should we? Decisions often have to be made, often without much thought.

Whatever we pick, there are consequences.

Some consequences are good. Deciding to be sing praise songs instead of complaining while I cleaned a sluice room full of stainless steel bedpans with methylated spirits (and no gloves) resulted in my having a superlative report during my junior nursing days. So I felt picked on. So I was a foreigner in a strange land. But my choice resulted in my standing out different – good.

Some consequences are terrible. I opened my mouth too fast and implied that my friend who lost twins was not suitable to have them, unlike a mutual friend who had fallen pregnant. I said, “If there was anyone who could manage twins, it would be her! So glad she had them!” I had forgotten the person I was chatting with had miscarried her twins. I dare not think of the hurt I caused her, though she bravely said it was all right. Our relationship was never quite the same after that….

Some consequences are neutral. So I decide to sit down and eat now and not later. It didn’t really matter. Nothing drastic came out of it. Nothing exciting or explosive.

And so it is with every moment of our day. We choose the mundane, we choose the lively, we choose the different, we choose the daring.

And they all come with consequences.

What choice have you made today, that came with good, bad or neutral consequences?

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