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On Mothers


In less than 24 hours, we will celebrate Mothers Day here.

Whilst I don’t like the idea of only making fuss of our Moms once a year, I can appreciate the need for this.

After having had primary infertility for 6 years before the birth of my first one, I like the idea of celebrating a special day with many mothers around the world (except those who follow the British calendar) There is a sense of being one of the club.

Having said that, I remember the hard times when I didn’t “belong”. I felt incomplete. I felt unworthy. I felt I had failed. Yes, I can still empathise with this special group…

Right now, though, it’s a poignant time.

For the first time since I have had children of my own, I will have the strange new feeling of not having one of them around. I guess this will increasingly happen.

There is one person who probably understand the complexities of this more than most mothers. She is the mother of 16, yes, sixteen children! There is a book written about her. Her daughter wrote it. Amazing. Feel free to check it out. She’s giving a copy of it away too.

In the meantime, Happy Mothers Day to my Mommy readers. May your arrows reach their intended targets!

Those Were the Days My Friend


It’s been a mad week. Hours seem to have gone missing in my life.

It is a far cry from my heyday when I was able to handle many things at one time. Ahhh those were the days! I was just reminded of this yesterday.

As I was rushing out of the office to run an errand, I received this text message on my phone! Jubilie'sSMsI had to remind him (the next day because I got toooooo busy) that I didn’t think it was two mobile phones going. It was one mobile phone and one phone at the table!

Yes, I do remember that moment when he “caught” me doing that. Amazing days then!

Nowadays, what a stark contrast.

I put a book into a bag and search high and low for it, close to panic as the book didn’t belong to me and I had to work on it.

I put down my reading glasses and can’t recall where, needing help to locate them.

I make an appointment with someone and nearly miss it – thanking God for reminders in the phone.

I agree to take on a task and find that I have run out of hours to get ready and initiate a mad scramble.

Those were the days indeed, my friend….

Planting Anew


After a spate of really dry weather, the inevitable happened.

Bush fires started.

No, nothing on the scale of Australia’s recent ones. (Speaking of which, my brother, his family and other relatives and friends are based there. It was fingernail-biting as the fires got closer. Much prayer went up!)

Nonetheless the bush fires here caused sufficient damage to kill some trees, causing them to fall over, blocking off the road access to our house. burnttreesIt was sad to see the lovely previously leafy trees being cut up. It made me think about increasing the plants in my house.

In particular, I was introduced to a nice plant with small flowers. Called arrowwood viburnum they look easy to plant and would be ideal for that corner of my garden where the workers have completed doing a bit of crazy paving.

That reminds me – I must take some photos of their work. Perhaps that will be my next post.

A Free Trip Continued


Honestly, just when you think that the options are too many as it is, we get given more to choose from! Then it gets even better!

My uncle is based in Florida. Orlando to be precise. He’s been there for ages. Or so it seems to me.

But this uncle is no fuddy-duddy old white haired fella. Noooo, this uncle is only a few years older than I am! (And I am far from being a fuddy-duddy old white haired

Imagine getting an invite out of the blue from him! Go visit him, he says. Go take a break with him and his wife.

Wow, to have time out for Orlando vacations would be absolutely wonderful! My main problem would be the pocket – he hasn’t offered anything except accommodation for a few days.

But after looking at what Orlando has to offer, I must say that I might seriously consider… wouldn’t you?

A Free Trip


I just received an email, offering Hubby and I a trip overseas.

Too good to be true?

You are so right!

The trip is for work/ministry! We would have to attend a conference there, learn things and apply when we get back home. Ho Hum!

What I’d really like to do is to get away for a while, with Hubby. However, with so much on our plate right now, planning and booking is a headache I can do without! I suppose what we need is a company like Westgate – they can arrange the nicest places and save my brain from overload.Very tempting indeed.

But this trip with strings attached is being paid for. So we might just take it up, and stay on for a little while to make it worthwhile.

What do you think?

Information Overload


Since working at being more healthy, I have found people approaching me with all kinds of products to try. They recommend this and that to improve my health, my vitality, my skin, my brain, even my guts! Some products are to be eaten, others to be applied topically.

Each person swears by their product. Each one says theirs is the best. And they have the testimonies and facts to support.

Needless to say it is hard to decide what is good and otherwise!

During information overload times like this, I must say I am glad for the internet! I prefer to go for “other people’s opinions”. Too often I read of gullible people being taken in by good salesman pitch. That can not only damage your pocket, but also your health – the very thing you are trying to improve or preserve! In particular, products to be ingested If you swallow something, you can’t take it back out!

So I am thankful for sites such as this one for Colonix review. Sites like these help me to make informed decisions.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have some surfing to do – internet surfing!