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The Real Thing


For almost twenty years we ate what is described as sausage in this land.

The more discerning would recognise immediately the difference.

These are weiners

pix taken from

But sausages?

THESE are sausages! The real macoy!

Sausages01I mean, just LOOK at them. They LOOK IMPRESSIVE. Just handling them is an experience, unlike when you pick a weiner up.

Sausages02Honestly, we had to bring the best of British sausages back…. Yes, folks, we froze them, packed them in newspaper (a very good insulator) and put them into the cargo.

What’s the difference?

The taste and texture. You can taste proper meat, not processed meat. The skins sags and then snaps as you bite into it. The genuine taste of genuine sausages cannot be beaten.

We have had one meal with half of the sausages and I forgot to take photos! You will have to wait for the next time we cook them… And hope we can resist eating until I get some snaps off!

Beautiful to Behold…


Take a look at this. Quickly! What does it remind you of?

Cheese01It was such an impact visually I HAD to post about it.

Beautiful to Behold, but even more Yummy to taste!

It’s cheese. Six different versions. Hubby knows how much I love cheese. So he insisted that I brought this box home. There is West Country Farmhouse Cheddar (With nutty, fruity flavour with a tangy aroma, it is great with pickles and fresh bread), Shropshire Blue (Cheese with blue vein, sharp strong flavour that is good with crisp celery, crackers and wine), Red Leicester (Flaky. Lovely when grated onto hot jacket potatoes), Cheshire (crumbly textured served at tea time with fruit cake – yum), Double Gloucester (a smooth, buttery texture with nice creamy and mellow flavour), and Sage Derby (Green marbled, semi hard cheese with a sage tang. Put sliced on toast and nice on any cheese board)

Cheese02Our weight limit of 30kg was nearly breached in the process – we hit 26.4kg! But it was well worth it!

Now to consume them before the end of next month!

Tale of a Tiara


No, not the tiara as in what you wear on your head. It’s one that you drive!

Blur? Clueless? Read on!

Did I tell you that we have a third car in the family? I know, some homes don’t even have two. And we have three….

Well, when both our sons passed their driving tests, things got rather difficult with four drivers and two cars! So we got another one – second hand and cheap! Hubby now drives his company issue car. I drive his other company’s car. Together, the only car we technically own is this slightly banged up blue Proton Tiara which the boys use.

It was quite a palavar to get the car. Complicating to find one and even more so to look for the best loans on offer. Honestly, I wish I had information at my fingertips when I needed it!

Actually I know of people who offer this service and make money. In fact, they do good business online and earn enough to go off on holidays! There are companies who provide leads to information and people sign up to give the information. All very civil and easy. Only one party pays.

But back to that car. Guess what. We are going to sell it now that our sons are going for further studies!

Any takers?



I need to make a flight change.

I called and called and called.

Typical. No joy.

Worse, asked me irrelevant questions and didn’t give me any satisfaction.

So much for online services designed to make things easy!

I decided to turn away and look at something else instead.

Nature is good.

Look at this – taken from the window as we flew from Stansted Airport.

Sunrise01Do you like it? It’s the sun trying to peek out.

Here’s when the sun shows itself in a blaze of glory!

Sunrise02Isn’t it wonderful?

As I snap away, it blazes back majestically and I am awed by the Creator God, and humbled at our smallness.

Sunrise03Suddenly the irritation of five minutes earlier is gone….

Wiki Wizardry


After coming back from my trip to London, I had lots of work to catch up with. Worse, however, was that my household help had to take emergency leave to go back to her village to see to her son who needed medical and possible surgical attention. Needless to say, the house is less clean and tidy than it normally is despite my children’s efforts. Two lots of guests coming over Saturday and Sunday nights respectively didn’t help either!

So today, on my day off, I had the housework to tackle. The entire morning was spent on vacuuming, mopping, tidying, wiping, washing, cleaning. Until my arms, shoulders and neck ache. I was glad that my back was strong though.

When I walked into my daughter’s bathroom, I could not help but think about getting it more organzied. Perhaps it is a girl thing – she has so much more than my sons! Whatever it is, she needs help!

The really messy place of the entire house was of course the kitchen! How I longed to have everything in place! I am tempted to go shopping to sort things out!

Actually I have a lot of equipment in the house to assist me to do my housework. But somehow, at times like this, I would wish for more! But don’t tell my Hubby! (Maybe he’ll read this post and get the hint!)

I would imagine how much I could do with a decent vacuum cleaner instead of the dinky little one we have. Especially when it gets used but never emptied! When I was using it, I noticed it didn’t seem to do very well. In fact, it sounded awfully strained. Upon checking, everything spilled out – even bits of concrete! (Don’t ask me how that got in there!) I was very glad that I hadn’t checked when i was near the carpets. Otherwise I would be shopping for carpet cleaners for certain! As it was, my carpets, though not many, probably ought to go through some intensive steam cleaning at some point. They look pretty shabby!

All said and done, I am glad the house is cleaner. Even the air feels better and Hubby doesn’t sneeze so much anymore. I was getting concerned. If he had sneezed after such a cleaning blitz, I would be hunting for humidifiers from Wiki Store or some place like that, which of course, is where all these marvelous gadgets can be obtained in one place!

Budget Airline Food


OK, let me tell you now that Hubby and I went to London recently. We had booked a certain budget airline last year when they first launched their route. After waiting about two years for this launch, we were not disappointed.

The entire trip cost us a fraction of what it would normally cost. This is what we had on the plane for food.

Hubby ordered Asian meal for himself. This was his first serving of two. Nasi Briyani. It was yummy. The rice was especially tasty.


For his second meal, he had simple but lovely nasi lemak. Again, a tasty meal. Despite seemingly small in packaging, it was a filling meal.AirAsiaFood02On my part, Hubby had ordered International Meals. My first was the absolutely piping hot and yummy Shepherd’s pie!

This was followed by a delightful roast chicken. You can still see the spices that they put on the potatoes. I must say, I didnt expect budget airlines to serve such fare.

AirAsiaFood04During the long 14 hour journey to London, we had two hot meals served. Each meal came with a bottle of water. Actually the amount of water was not enough, but many topped up in between. Some sneaked their own in….

Overall, good value for money!

Flower Fest


One of the things about visiting this far-off land is the variety of flora. I don’t normally post a lot of pictures here. This time, however, I  intend to make an exception.

Flowers04Rich yellow and so full.

Flowers01Almost unreal – this purple delight is on my wallpaper – for now.

Flowers02Even white looks good. It’s hard to believe that this is growing here. And so well too.

Flowers07Both the ladies of the homes we stayed at loved orchids. Almost made me inspired to plant some myself!

Flowers05Something about the red that makes this stand out….

Flowers08Look at how God set these flower cluster!

I am so glad I had my little camera to capture these moments. This was a lovely start to celebrating our 27th anniversary!

A Trip Down Memory Lane


We went to visit some friends recently.

What a good time we had! GdnPartyTolmarshIt had been twenty years since I had seen many of them. What a wonderful to catch up. And over a barbeque and garden party at that! The weather was just right for the occassion!

We were touched that a number had to travel an hour and more to get to see us. What a delightful time we had.

The few hours seemed too short, but we are thankful for the advent of the internet.

By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, this photo wasn’t taken on Malaysian soil….

For more bits about this, visit The Hinge, EADotCom and BigMmmmomma!

Yum Yum


He did it again.

Hubby cooked his famous crispy skin pork.

The difference?

He did it at a friend’s house instead!

Behold, the evidence!

CrispySkinPorkVerdict? Crispy skin pork at its best!

Yum! Yum!

Being Proud


He kept going on about how wonderful this place is.

He kept saying how proud he was of it.

He kept talking about how his visitors were always so impressed.

He kept speaking of the virtues of man’s creation and achievements.

PutrajayaI couldn’t help but wonder about where his focus was.

I pondered about why we glorified concrete man-made structures and not the One who made man.

I reflected that he was glorifying the wisdom and achievements of man far above the One who made him.

Just thoughts about pride….