Budget Airline Food

OK, let me tell you now that Hubby and I went to London recently. We had booked a certain budget airline last year when they first launched their route. After waiting about two years for this launch, we were not disappointed.

The entire trip cost us a fraction of what it would normally cost. This is what we had on the plane for food.

Hubby ordered Asian meal for himself. This was his first serving of two. Nasi Briyani. It was yummy. The rice was especially tasty.


For his second meal, he had simple but lovely nasi lemak. Again, a tasty meal. Despite seemingly small in packaging, it was a filling meal.AirAsiaFood02On my part, Hubby had ordered International Meals. My first was the absolutely piping hot and yummy Shepherd’s pie!

This was followed by a delightful roast chicken. You can still see the spices that they put on the potatoes. I must say, I didnt expect budget airlines to serve such fare.

AirAsiaFood04During the long 14 hour journey to London, we had two hot meals served. Each meal came with a bottle of water. Actually the amount of water was not enough, but many topped up in between. Some sneaked their own in….

Overall, good value for money!

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2 Responses to “Budget Airline Food”

  1. Jay - Agent112778 Says:

    i admit i never tasted airline food but your entry makes me have a yummy taste of it 😀 thanx for the sharing

    my entry is here

    Great day for us Food Weekenders:)
    Thanx for the Visit 🙂


  2. j5net Says:

    i wanna try it too. i mean flying to London in a budget airline with a good food.


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