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After coming back from my trip to London, I had lots of work to catch up with. Worse, however, was that my household help had to take emergency leave to go back to her village to see to her son who needed medical and possible surgical attention. Needless to say, the house is less clean and tidy than it normally is despite my children’s efforts. Two lots of guests coming over Saturday and Sunday nights respectively didn’t help either!

So today, on my day off, I had the housework to tackle. The entire morning was spent on vacuuming, mopping, tidying, wiping, washing, cleaning. Until my arms, shoulders and neck ache. I was glad that my back was strong though.

When I walked into my daughter’s bathroom, I could not help but think about getting it more organzied. Perhaps it is a girl thing – she has so much more than my sons! Whatever it is, she needs help!

The really messy place of the entire house was of course the kitchen! How I longed to have everything in place! I am tempted to go shopping to sort things out!

Actually I have a lot of equipment in the house to assist me to do my housework. But somehow, at times like this, I would wish for more! But don’t tell my Hubby! (Maybe he’ll read this post and get the hint!)

I would imagine how much I could do with a decent vacuum cleaner instead of the dinky little one we have. Especially when it gets used but never emptied! When I was using it, I noticed it didn’t seem to do very well. In fact, it sounded awfully strained. Upon checking, everything spilled out – even bits of concrete! (Don’t ask me how that got in there!) I was very glad that I hadn’t checked when i was near the carpets. Otherwise I would be shopping for carpet cleaners for certain! As it was, my carpets, though not many, probably ought to go through some intensive steam cleaning at some point. They look pretty shabby!

All said and done, I am glad the house is cleaner. Even the air feels better and Hubby doesn’t sneeze so much anymore. I was getting concerned. If he had sneezed after such a cleaning blitz, I would be hunting for humidifiers from Wiki Store or some place like that, which of course, is where all these marvelous gadgets can be obtained in one place!

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