Tale of a Tiara

No, not the tiara as in what you wear on your head. It’s one that you drive!

Blur? Clueless? Read on!

Did I tell you that we have a third car in the family? I know, some homes don’t even have two. And we have three….

Well, when both our sons passed their driving tests, things got rather difficult with four drivers and two cars! So we got another one – second hand and cheap! Hubby now drives his company issue car. I drive his other company’s car. Together, the only car we technically own is this slightly banged up blue Proton Tiara which the boys use.

It was quite a palavar to get the car. Complicating to find one and even more so to look for the best loans on offer. Honestly, I wish I had information at my fingertips when I needed it!

Actually I know of people who offer this service and make money. In fact, they do good business online and earn enough to go off on holidays! There are companies who provide leads to information and people sign up to give the information. All very civil and easy. Only one party pays.

But back to that car. Guess what. We are going to sell it now that our sons are going for further studies!

Any takers?


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