Beautiful to Behold…

Take a look at this. Quickly! What does it remind you of?

Cheese01It was such an impact visually I HAD to post about it.

Beautiful to Behold, but even more Yummy to taste!

It’s cheese. Six different versions. Hubby knows how much I love cheese. So he insisted that I brought this box home. There is West Country Farmhouse Cheddar (With nutty, fruity flavour with a tangy aroma, it is great with pickles and fresh bread), Shropshire Blue (Cheese with blue vein, sharp strong flavour that is good with crisp celery, crackers and wine), Red Leicester (Flaky. Lovely when grated onto hot jacket potatoes), Cheshire (crumbly textured served at tea time with fruit cake – yum), Double Gloucester (a smooth, buttery texture with nice creamy and mellow flavour), and Sage Derby (Green marbled, semi hard cheese with a sage tang. Put sliced on toast and nice on any cheese board)

Cheese02Our weight limit of 30kg was nearly breached in the process – we hit 26.4kg! But it was well worth it!

Now to consume them before the end of next month!


One Response to “Beautiful to Behold…”

  1. Jay - Agent112778 Says:

    im not a fan of cheeses 😀 but you have an apetizing pix

    my entry is here

    Great day for us Food Weekenders:)
    Thanx for the Visit 🙂


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