The Real Thing

For almost twenty years we ate what is described as sausage in this land.

The more discerning would recognise immediately the difference.

These are weiners

pix taken from

But sausages?

THESE are sausages! The real macoy!

Sausages01I mean, just LOOK at them. They LOOK IMPRESSIVE. Just handling them is an experience, unlike when you pick a weiner up.

Sausages02Honestly, we had to bring the best of British sausages back…. Yes, folks, we froze them, packed them in newspaper (a very good insulator) and put them into the cargo.

What’s the difference?

The taste and texture. You can taste proper meat, not processed meat. The skins sags and then snaps as you bite into it. The genuine taste of genuine sausages cannot be beaten.

We have had one meal with half of the sausages and I forgot to take photos! You will have to wait for the next time we cook them… And hope we can resist eating until I get some snaps off!


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