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Flexible Silicon!


I always thought that silicon was hard material. That is, until I came across these.

SiliconeCupcakeTray01Amazing stuff that bends and almost folds in double. Yet it retains its shape when released.

SiliconeBakingTray01I have never come across this. Isn’t this interesting? Makes it easy to push out cupcakes, and you dont need to use the paper holders…

Hand Eye Coordination


I was introduced to a new toy recently.

It reminds me of the old game of pickup sticks. Only it is in reverse.

But somehow I cant upload the photo. Perhaps later. In the meantime, let me just tell you that it is wicked game – your strategy is to make sure the other person FAILS in putting in extra sticks. You have to place your sticks with steady hands on this horse (don’t ask me why it’s a horse and not a dog or cat). The number of sticks is determined by a roll of dice. The less, of course, is better… A photo later perhaps!

The Reasons Why


The reasons why I need to work so hard on my weight these days….


Here is another reason!

Seafood02Now, don’t you think these are goooood reasons?

Aging Well


I was on a trip recently to visit some old friends.

On the plane, the lady sitting next to me was going to spend a year away from her home.

At the end of the flight, I noticed her eyes – black ring like I had read about in books but never saw before to such intensity! I suppose her fair skin made it more obvious.

She needs to use a product like eye cream or something similar to help. Actually she looked far older than I did and I am not exaggerating!



Sometimes, just sometimes.

When things get just a little over the top.

When I feel a little too overwhelmed.

When circumstances are getting a bit out of hand.

Just sometimes I feel I want to escape.

Run away for a break.

Go away and hire a place in the middle of some countryside and hibernate.

Get a good book.

Guitar would be handy too.


More Needed


I have been told, on very good authority, that it is not enough to merely eat right to lose weight. Not only that, if I were to merely take diet pills, it would not be sufficient.

So I have been instructed that if I were truly serious, I had to do exercises as I dieted. Apparently, working out on  ellipticals are the best way to work up a sweat and lose weight!

Now to work out where to put it in my house – perhaps the Family Area? I can just see it – work out as I watch my favourite telly show!



OK, OK, I think I know what to do.

Between now and the reunion, I have some time. I can go shopping for a weight loss product that will not only do what I want it to do, but also fit my pocket! My budget to go for the reunion must include this important feature!

Sounds good? I think so!

Now I have to decide about whether or not to feature new clothes for my budget. Perhaps I should…



I heard of another product! It’s called ephedrine and it’s supposed to be able to do wonders to help me slim down.

Gosh, I stood on the scales yesterday. I am glad to say that I am back to the lowest that I have been for the last three years!

But then I got another email – a personal one – asking me WHY haven’t I replied to say I am going for the reunion… pressure!

Serious Now!


It’s getting serious… I am under pressure to attend at least ONE of the reunions!

But I can barely get into my old pants, let alone the swimsuit for that waterfall rendezvous of my ex-classmates!

Desperate times call for desperate measures!  I have to find a way to get rid of the fat – and fast!

Someone has recommended that I go take a look at a Lipofuze review. It promises to do what I want and more.

Well, just the name – LIPO – tells me it must be something to do with fats! That’s encouraging… I need to do more research – and fast!



I have two reunions coming up.

One is to see old friends I haven’t met in almost TWENTY years!

The other, a month later, is to see old school mates I haven’t seen in THIRTY years!

Whilst I absolutely adore the idea of meeting up, I must say when I think further, I get the jitters and butterflies go amok in my tummy. I mean, can you imagine the comparisons that will take place???

The  murmurs of “Oh, look at her freckles – she should take better care of herself,” and “Oh my, hasn’t she put on a lot of weight!”

Worse, the thoughts that later get shared in the privacy of the bedrooms after these meetings, “Did you notice those bat wing arms of hers? Fancy wearing such an unflattering dress!” or “You would have thought she had better taste!”

Ah! Even though I would love to meet up, the thought scares me. Perhaps I should go for this anti wrinkle cream which might give me a head start in the good-looks stakes!