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Initially she was afraid. Going down the seemingly same road. What if the same disaster occurred again? A dejavu of the degeneration of trust. Going down the road of repetition is not only painful but makes one very weary and wary.

The heart once opened wide got badly scarred. The question is, “Have the scars healed?”

Or perhaps one should ask if the wounds have scarred.

Time will tell.

One thing is for sure – trust lost is always hard to regain.




Mouthwatering sight isn’t it? Drives me nuts now as I look at that coconut ladened soup. Guess what’s for breakfast tomorrow morn! Yup! Laksa noodle!

Camping Anyone?


After a really hectic early part of the week, I can now sit down a little. It’s still going to be busy, but not frantic like before. In fact, my whole system went into “relax mode”. So much so that I went down memory lane to see some old photos. Some old holiday photos to be precise.

It brought smiles to my face when I saw the snapshots of Hubby and I during our first attempts at setting up a tent! We didn’t do it very often but enjoyed it each time we did. There was something about bringing everything but the kitchen sink with you, knocking pegs into the ground, lying close to grass and waking up to the sounds of birds instead of engines. It was like a D-I-Y holiday; Do It Yourself. We loved it.

When I was pregnant with my first one, we were still in England. Hubby and I decided to go for one more “D-I-Y holiday”. After all, there would be more logistics involved with the little one!

This time, however, we made one concession – we decided to go caravan style! In the States they call it rv camping where you drive your own mobile home with you. It was made all the more fun when my parents came along with my then single brother.

Imagine waking up at 3am to go to the washroom (as pregnant women are apt to do) and be greeted with a cacophony of snores – of different notes!

When I was pregnant with my second, we were on an island off the city here. It was even more primitive than anything we had experienced.

But it was fun because we enjoyed the outdoors, felt fit, and were amongst friends.

I wonder if we ought to do it again sometime soon. Hmmmm. Anyone keen to join me?



A friend of mine suddenly sent me an email the other day. Her account had been hacked and so she started a new account to warn her contacts. Those that she remembered and knew.

Another friend suffered the same setback a few weeks before. His account was used to send weird articles. At least they weren’t obsene. At least not yet!

It makes me wonder how it can be so easy to hack into another’s account. I would have thought you would need a Masters of some sort because this seems so complicating!

Which leads me to this site which offers MS in Information Security. This site seems pretty interesting to ignorants like myself. The easy-to-navigate site causes me to want to go learn more and figure out how to help my friends and make sure I don’t get hacked too! Yes, I want to learn. And maybe I will!

A Balcony in Malaysia


For many years, Hubby and I said that balconies have no place in a land like Malaysia. In fact, for our old house, we bricked up the balcony and made it into a library to house our numerous books. It also helped to keep the hot sun away from our bedroom, keeping it cool and shaded all year round.

Our new place, however, changed our minds. We have a nice view from where we are on a hillock and I am glad that we decided to put a balcony there. This is one of my favourite parts of our house. When I want some peace and quiet and to feel close to nature, this is where I retreat to. When I need some inspiration for a sermon, this is where I would adjourn to for a few hours. Armed with the necessary book, laptop, and perhaps a drink, I curl up and wait.

Now all that’s missing is a really good and comfortable place to plonk myself down on. I need to go hunting for some outdoor chaise lounges. Hmmmm I think I should do it soon too. I have a hectic month or so ahead.

Sugar and Spice


They came monthly. Babies I mean. They kept being born almost monthly. It was as if there was a conspiracy – people taking turns to “pop”. In some ways, it was fun. In other ways, one got rather stretched on how to be creative in making announcements. I mean, how many ways can you say, “Baby so-and-so was born to Mr and Mrs So-and-So”? What’s more, when you have to do it once or twice a month for twelve months, you would run out of ways to put it pretty quickly!

So it is with some relief to find that birth announcements need not be stressful. There are people who are so creative, and more importantly, willing to share their creativity! I am sooooo glad that I found this site where I can draw ideas from!

Which is what I did when a friend’s baby girl was born recently. She was delighted with the results and I had to confess when she tried to give me the credit!

You Cant Turn the Clock Back


Words spoken. Opinions expressed. Thoughts shared.

You can’t take them back no matter how they were given, or received.

Consequences good, bad, or neutral will take place.

You can’t turn the clock back if you don’t like it.

If after making amends for the bad, you can’t change anything, just close the chapter.

Then move forward and make a new beginning.

It’s the only way to live.

Bangers and Mash


The picture that says it all. The classic East End fare for the poor. When you can’t afford a decent meal, this is what you try to have.

Bangers&MashJust couldn’r resist having this when we went to England, and couldn’t resist showing you…

Keeping Fit


He’s over sixty! And I don’t mean sixty days or months. He’s well over sixty YEARS old!

But he still holds his own where stamina is concerned. He walks briskly and with firm steps. He appears younger than the six decades and more.

His secret?

Every opportunity he gets, he will move the furniture in his house aside except for a few big armchairs. These are strategically placed so that a large piece of plywood can be laid across them. Then he gets the accessories out – a table tennis net, a couple of table tennis bats and a table tennis ball. That’s right – he gets his workout from a makeshift  table and his children. He needs the real thing of course. But in the interim, he has done really well!

He often invites me to join his games. My children have done so. But me? It makes me feel somewhat inadequate when standing next to him!

But I might take up his other offer – to get a ping pong table and keep it in the basement for good workouts.



Some years ago, when we were still in England, a friend visited. He had been away from England and was having a hard time settling in his new abode in a land far away. He knew that his new place was the right place to be. But it didn’t make it much easier.

When he visited, he asked to be taken to this place. Big Ben and the Houses of Parliment.

BigBenIt was dusk, and as he stood looking at this place from the other side of the river, he was almost emotional. Hubby and I had to turn away and give him a moment to himself as he talked with the Lord.

More than twenty years later, when Hubby and I visited, we were reminded of our friend. Whilst it was not as poignant for us as it was for him, it was nonetheless a heart-touching moment to see and hear Big Ben. Somehow, as the chimes went out, something happened inside….

Yes, I recorded the peals of Big Ben tolling 3 o’clock.