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Sugar and Spice


They came monthly. Babies I mean. They kept being born almost monthly. It was as if there was a conspiracy – people taking turns to “pop”. In some ways, it was fun. In other ways, one got rather stretched on how to be creative in making announcements. I mean, how many ways can you say, “Baby so-and-so was born to Mr and Mrs So-and-So”? What’s more, when you have to do it once or twice a month for twelve months, you would run out of ways to put it pretty quickly!

So it is with some relief to find that birth announcements need not be stressful. There are people who are so creative, and more importantly, willing to share their creativity! I am sooooo glad that I found this site where I can draw ideas from!

Which is what I did when a friend’s baby girl was born recently. She was delighted with the results and I had to confess when she tried to give me the credit!