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A Balcony in Malaysia


For many years, Hubby and I said that balconies have no place in a land like Malaysia. In fact, for our old house, we bricked up the balcony and made it into a library to house our numerous books. It also helped to keep the hot sun away from our bedroom, keeping it cool and shaded all year round.

Our new place, however, changed our minds. We have a nice view from where we are on a hillock and I am glad that we decided to put a balcony there. This is one of my favourite parts of our house. When I want some peace and quiet and to feel close to nature, this is where I retreat to. When I need some inspiration for a sermon, this is where I would adjourn to for a few hours. Armed with the necessary book, laptop, and perhaps a drink, I curl up and wait.

Now all that’s missing is a really good and comfortable place to plonk myself down on. I need to go hunting for some outdoor chaise lounges. Hmmmm I think I should do it soon too. I have a hectic month or so ahead.