Camping Anyone?

After a really hectic early part of the week, I can now sit down a little. It’s still going to be busy, but not frantic like before. In fact, my whole system went into “relax mode”. So much so that I went down memory lane to see some old photos. Some old holiday photos to be precise.

It brought smiles to my face when I saw the snapshots of Hubby and I during our first attempts at setting up a tent! We didn’t do it very often but enjoyed it each time we did. There was something about bringing everything but the kitchen sink with you, knocking pegs into the ground, lying close to grass and waking up to the sounds of birds instead of engines. It was like a D-I-Y holiday; Do It Yourself. We loved it.

When I was pregnant with my first one, we were still in England. Hubby and I decided to go for one more “D-I-Y holiday”. After all, there would be more logistics involved with the little one!

This time, however, we made one concession – we decided to go caravan style! In the States they call it rv camping where you drive your own mobile home with you. It was made all the more fun when my parents came along with my then single brother.

Imagine waking up at 3am to go to the washroom (as pregnant women are apt to do) and be greeted with a cacophony of snores – of different notes!

When I was pregnant with my second, we were on an island off the city here. It was even more primitive than anything we had experienced.

But it was fun because we enjoyed the outdoors, felt fit, and were amongst friends.

I wonder if we ought to do it again sometime soon. Hmmmm. Anyone keen to join me?

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