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Hands or No Hands?


How does that go again?


Being Creative


So you are sent to get a special drink.

You offer the special drink.

Alas, there is no such special drink on the menu.

So what do you do to appease the person who asked?

You improvise, and my friend did. Very cleverly too, SF! Go check it out.

Taking Care When Away


When you travel, there is always so much to pack! One thing I often forget is how dry the skin can get. Especially when one is getting older….! Drinking volumes of water doesnt seem to help! I hate waking up and feeling the pinch in my face. Worse if i wake in the middle of the night feeling dried like a prune.

One essential is my face repair kit is the must have night cream. I would look for the best night creams on the market and try to get something within my range. Then the last thing before I turn in for the night is a good clean, followed by a nice layer of cream. Waking up the next morning becomes a more pleasant experience then.

So I must make a mental note to myself to make sure I keep a small pot in my travel bag!

Fasting and Feasting


It is the fasting month for our Muslim friends. It is also the time for Christians here to fast and pray for our nation.

For some, fasting is difficult. For others, it is a breeze.

For me, it is not hard to give up food. My stomach is silly. It is easily fooled with a glass of water. Of course some people fast the fluids too.

There are many benefits to fasting. Most of all is the spiritual gains one can make.

The not so nice side of fasting is the weight.

“Weight?” I hear you say.

Yes, weight. You see, it is easy to lose weight during fasting. Up to a point. There is the danger of putting back everything once the fast is over! All the food you held back from seem to call out to you, their flavours enhanced from the prolonged separation. Look back at the scales, and that’s when you scream at them, looking for help! That’s when you ask around for the best weight loss pill. That’s when you call out to whoever you were praying to for a miracle with the numbers leaping out at you.

And yet, fasting is good ; good for you and good  for me. So I press on…. and try to be more self-controlled!

What Timing!


Typical! I am due to go out of the country for a while – part seminar, part a break, part to see my son. Sounds good doesn’t it?

But then, what happens.

Somehow I erupt.

No, let me rephrase that – my face erupts! (NOW you know why I hardly show photos of myself!)

Pimples love to sprout just when I need to go away and show a nice face, if you know what I mean. Here I am, wanting to look my best, and what happens instead? I have to scramble to hide the mountains and volcanoes.

I suppose I should try some acne medication. Hmmm I wonder if it will work fast enough for me to still look my best. Of course, I want something that is safe too. I suppose I better go and do some research. I’m running out of time!



In case you didn’t know, we presently have three drivers and two cars in the house. It has been like this for a few months now, since we sold the third car. We had expected our two sons to leave for further studies at around the same time. However, the course that our son-at-home will be attending is due to begin in January instead.

Which leaves us in a bit of a quandry. At the end of each day sees my son and I working out who takes the car when. It’s helpful to have him around because he helps with his sister. But at the same time, it can mean my being in the office almost the entire day as he has an active social life too – he loves going for games (futsal, floorball, badminton, etc) with this friends.

Recently however, he has come up with a suggestion.

A motorcycle.

That’s right. He proposes that we get one so he can use it.

I vetoed that. “I am a silver star rider from England,” I told him. “If anyone’s going to ride a motorcycle, it will be me!”

It was tempting. But there would be lots of things to consider, apart from safety on the roaads. We would needs to services of agencies such as the Pleasanton motorcycle accident attorney to get insurance cover. Then there is the running costs to consider. What about the road tax?

Perhaps I should find out more. It would be good not to have to those nightly conversations.

Hmmmm on the other hand, maybe that’s not such a bad idea after all, considering talk about generation gap and all!



It was supposed to be a makeover kind of thing.

An attempt at being bold – a little!

Something a little brighter perhaps.

Certainly a change was needed.

Or so I thought.

Lipstick04Read more about it in this place!

Fun Miscommunicating


A funny thing happened recently. I was chatting with some friends. Old friends. We were catching up on the years gone by.

As the conversation got more and more animated, we found ourselves holding multiple conversations and trying to keep track with each other’s trains of thoughts became quite a good workout for our grey matter!

One such conversation involved my friend who was trained as a paediatric nurse and myself. As we chatted away, using rusty terminology, and delighting each other with typical tales, another friend from across the table exclaimed towards us, “Oh! I had one too!”

In one accord, the two of us spun towards her, eager for gory details.

She went on about how wonderful and marvelous they were… which totally baffled us. WHAT was so nice about a breech birth?

Seeing the bewilderment on our faces, she realised something was amiss.

Spluttering in astonishment, we stumbled over each other to try to get to the bottom of this miracle (pun intended).

Then the mystery was revealed!

WE were relishing gory details of breech births, while she, the fitness proponent was going on about her latest hobby – horse riding! She therefore thought we were extolling the virtues of this sport and decided to enlighten us with her latest purchase – her new breeches! That’s when things got uproaring loud with many a medic pun thrown in with horsey jokes.

I doubt that coffeeshop will have us back again.

After this…


For the past week, it has been indulgence. Take this dish below. It’s fried taufoo with mayonnaise – crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Sigh….


Fasting time too, though you wouldn’t believe it from the photos here. This next one is butter crab. Oh boy, the memories.


Meetings and seeing people, entertaining and being entertained. It’s hard to say no. This one was a cold dish of eggplant with lovely sprinkling of nuts.


What’s more, throw in a celebration as well, where you end with this gooey hot chocolate cum ice cream dish, you have a serious case of needing repent and to make amends.


Which is where access to the best diet pills is essential. Phew!

In All Circumstances


I had to do some facilitation recently.

These sort of things are done in all kinds of places, with all sorts of people, in different circumstances. Each one is unique.

This time, I had an extra “attender” to the sessions we held.

KerbauWhat fun we have where I live!