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It was supposed to be a makeover kind of thing.

An attempt at being bold – a little!

Something a little brighter perhaps.

Certainly a change was needed.

Or so I thought.

Lipstick04Read more about it in this place!

Fun Miscommunicating


A funny thing happened recently. I was chatting with some friends. Old friends. We were catching up on the years gone by.

As the conversation got more and more animated, we found ourselves holding multiple conversations and trying to keep track with each other’s trains of thoughts became quite a good workout for our grey matter!

One such conversation involved my friend who was trained as a paediatric nurse and myself. As we chatted away, using rusty terminology, and delighting each other with typical tales, another friend from across the table exclaimed towards us, “Oh! I had one too!”

In one accord, the two of us spun towards her, eager for gory details.

She went on about how wonderful and marvelous they were… which totally baffled us. WHAT was so nice about a breech birth?

Seeing the bewilderment on our faces, she realised something was amiss.

Spluttering in astonishment, we stumbled over each other to try to get to the bottom of this miracle (pun intended).

Then the mystery was revealed!

WE were relishing gory details of breech births, while she, the fitness proponent was going on about her latest hobby – horse riding! She therefore thought we were extolling the virtues of this sport and decided to enlighten us with her latest purchase – her new breeches! That’s when things got uproaring loud with many a medic pun thrown in with horsey jokes.

I doubt that coffeeshop will have us back again.