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In case you didn’t know, we presently have three drivers and two cars in the house. It has been like this for a few months now, since we sold the third car. We had expected our two sons to leave for further studies at around the same time. However, the course that our son-at-home will be attending is due to begin in January instead.

Which leaves us in a bit of a quandry. At the end of each day sees my son and I working out who takes the car when. It’s helpful to have him around because he helps with his sister. But at the same time, it can mean my being in the office almost the entire day as he has an active social life too – he loves going for games (futsal, floorball, badminton, etc) with this friends.

Recently however, he has come up with a suggestion.

A motorcycle.

That’s right. He proposes that we get one so he can use it.

I vetoed that. “I am a silver star rider from England,” I told him. “If anyone’s going to ride a motorcycle, it will be me!”

It was tempting. But there would be lots of things to consider, apart from safety on the roaads. We would needs to services of agencies such as the Pleasanton motorcycle accident attorney to get insurance cover. Then there is the running costs to consider. What about the road tax?

Perhaps I should find out more. It would be good not to have to those nightly conversations.

Hmmmm on the other hand, maybe that’s not such a bad idea after all, considering talk about generation gap and all!