Fasting and Feasting

It is the fasting month for our Muslim friends. It is also the time for Christians here to fast and pray for our nation.

For some, fasting is difficult. For others, it is a breeze.

For me, it is not hard to give up food. My stomach is silly. It is easily fooled with a glass of water. Of course some people fast the fluids too.

There are many benefits to fasting. Most of all is the spiritual gains one can make.

The not so nice side of fasting is the weight.

“Weight?” I hear you say.

Yes, weight. You see, it is easy to lose weight during fasting. Up to a point. There is the danger of putting back everything once the fast is over! All the food you held back from seem to call out to you, their flavours enhanced from the prolonged separation. Look back at the scales, and that’s when you scream at them, looking for help! That’s when you ask around for the best weight loss pill. That’s when you call out to whoever you were praying to for a miracle with the numbers leaping out at you.

And yet, fasting is good ; good for you and good  for me. So I press on…. and try to be more self-controlled!

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