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Increase in Love


Couldn’t resist doing this.

I love this Word Filled Wednesday.Love

Thanks Ro….




I am feeling pleased with myself.

After more than two months of lay off, and despite a somewhat dodgy knee, I went to the gym!

I was on the treadmill for a bit and then went to play some weights to work on my thunder thighs and my abdomen.

And yes, I can feel the effects of my workout.


Foot and Fish Spa


Hubby was going through the photos in his phone. It has been interesting as he posts up newly rediscovered ones.

Here is one oldie which brought back memories.

I won a prize for a fish spa for two. Ha!

5535_1207385782275_1157582638_30620305_3008248_nI loved it and he hated it. I enjoyed being pampered while he squirmed and being “tortured” as he put it.

Ahhh the pain threshold of men……!

Appetizing Salad


Went for a special dinner two nights ago. The sous chef was so excited about his decorations that he insisted that I take a tour with him. The most interesting for me was this display.

WelcomeDinner01I couldn’t decide if the display would cause people to eat it or not.

Would you eat what looks like spilled out salad?

Hot Dawwwg!


This was my indulgence over the week. Actually it was my daughter’s but since she was having a tickly throat, I persuaded her to pass on this lunch special at Tenom Station, City Mall. This is before I saw how mouth-watering it was of course! 

Coney Island HotdogHonest! I didn’t know! It dwarfed my cup of coffee, which is the house speciality – Tenom coffee. By the way, Tenom is a place in the state of Sabah where I live.

And now ahem I hereby have to go and look for yet another weight loss program. Yes, folks, I said ANOTHER! Hahahaha!