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It was that time of the year – renewals galore! First there was the printer. Then there was the fire insurance.

Now it is our personal insurance.

– – – – – – –

O my. You would think that I have gone funny. Let me explain. I started writing the above. Then I found myself falling asleep at the laptop and typing gobbledygook. It not only did not make sense, I was not even typing real words!

Makes you worried really.

What if it happens when you are too tired to drive?

Which is what happened to a friend’s son recently.

He did what his parents taught him to do – he pulled over and tried to catch forty winks.

I say “tried”.

He was suddenly awakened by some people trying at the door of his parents’ Mercedes! Despite being an old junk, the intruders had obviously thought that the driver was fair pickings!

This young man immediately sat up, started the car and drove off.

The problem was, the windows were all steamed up and he couldnt see where he was going.

He crashed the car.

I am glad he wasn’t hurt. And that his parents has insurance such as Medicare supplement insurance – that helps a great deal.

Which is all very good but doesn’t help me with my own problem… Hmmmm… early to bed for a season?