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Take One Bowl for Salad….


Half a dozen of us were having dinner. It was time to get the salad. Being a self-service salad bar, one of our friends said that he would get it. With one little empty bowl, he assured us that he would get enough for all of us.

This is what he came back with.

PizzaSalad01I know what you’re thinking – Looks interesting, but not very impressive, right?

But wait…. we then tipped the bowl’s contents..


Here’s the comparison. The truth! One small bowl filled this large pizza pan!


And it fed six people!

PizzaSalad04This is the last portion, which went on to my plate after this photo was taken.

PizzaSalad05And voila! The end result – a shiny but empty large pizza pan!

We have decided that our friend is a honorary Foochow. For the unaware, the Foochow is considered the Jew of the Jews of east!