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Guilty Breakfasts!


I wanted to take a new friend out. She doesn’t get to go out much, you see. So we settled on breakfast. Her choice of venue.

This is what I ordered.

coffeebean01And this is what she ordered.

coffeebean02Needless to say, our conversation inevitably went towards topics such as what sort of weight loss diet had we tried and so forth! We were not very conclusive but decided to skip the sugar in our drinks! Yes, we felt rather guilty for indulging… just that once!

Careful Drivers Needed


I was driving along, minding my own business. My daughter was in the front passanger seat. We were making our way to the shops at the other side of the hill where we live. As we negotiated the narrow shortcut, an old white sedan came in the opposite direction and pulled to a stop. Seeing that, I went forward, setting the left set of wheels off the road to make sure I didn’t get too close to the sedan.

Just as I thought I had passed the old automobile, I felt it – the distinct shift and crunch of metal meeting metal. Somehow that old car and mine had made contact.

“Not possible!” my mind screamed.

I hopped out of the car. To my dismay, the other driver didnt bother – he drove off!

Now I have to go look for a car accessories place to try to fix up my still new car.

“What happened?” I hear you ask.

The best that I can make out, the other car got impatient and instead of waiting for me to go right by, the driver opted to try go ahead…. with disasterous results.