Improving Oneself

Our house is pretty full now – all the children are around. It’s nice in a way. We get to do things together and friends drop by. The children’s friends especially.

One such friend looked a little miserable. Upon questioning, he shared how he felt aimless and needed some stimulation. My immediate response was, “Why not try online learning?”

You see, he is almost finished with his studies and is wondering what next. I heard about this course offering  Organizational development program. It sounded right up his street! This place offers learning at your pace, specially tailored degree plans and even your own course patterns! “To study what?” I hear you ask.

Well, this master degree is in organizational leadership. It puts together social science, communications, arts, humanities, business and of course, leadership. I gather that this course to be equipped with these tools necessary for leadership of any organization is so good that some people even got promoted WHILST doing the course! Not bad eh? And yes, of course it is a reputable place – one of the top US universities, and with a long standing record too!

Anyway, I have recommended it to this young man… I am now thinking of others that I ought to suggest this too as well.


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