Black Stripes With Meaning!

We were watching the English Premier League. “We” meaning my husband and my sons. I am “stuck” because they are holding on to the remote whilst I do the ironing!

Suddenly my beloved gives this interesting piece of information – that there is a soccer team in England nicknamed “Barcode” because their jersey is black and white stripes! Alas, this team is not doing so well at the moment. In fact, he observes, if they were as efficient as the real barcodes that can be found in almost all products in the supermarkets nowadays, they would not have been relegated to the second division of the English Soccer League!

I had a good chuckle, but it did make me think. Barcodes are excellent for keeping inventory and tracking sales. In fact, I reckon it to be one of the best inventions in the last twenty years.

Of course barcodes have to go hand in hand with barcode scanners. Otherwise there would not be any point having barcodes. Indeed poor barcode scanners would be absolutely frustrating. Imagine the impatient queue and harrassed checkout personnel at supermarkets? It would probably be faster to key in the info like the old days!

So yes, I do agree with my Hubby that the real barcodes are great…. and perhaps the nicknamed one leaves a bit more to be desired!

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