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Building Houses and Marriages


Today some friends came over for a visit. They commented how nice our home, but were also surprised at how long it took for us to build the place.

Many would think building your own home is an easy task. Well, we built our own home from scratch. We bought a nice piece of land, did the design with the architect, got the engineers to draw the blue print, had the local authority to approve, even got the geological engineer to check our soil for stability as it was on a hill. We did the piling and got the contractors to build the structures. Then we had still more to do – deciding on the finishing and fittings.

Wall and floor finishes were major decision-making, marriage-stretching issues! Tiles, carpet, timber, laminates, granite or marble? And where?

Well we chose tiles for our external flooring and some of our walls, especially the kitchen. Looking for the tiles alone meant we had to drive all over town to look at samples. It was tedious and tiring. If only we knew some tiles suppliers. We would have saved time and money. And the choices! Wow. So many to ponder over.

Needless to say we eventually finished. AND our marriage is intact… Hmmm, stronger than ever!