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Aaarrll Baaaii Maaaself


Recognise that tune? Or have I made even the words unrecognisable with my wonderfully unique spelling?

It’s that sort of mood I am in I suppose. I had spent the entire morning earlier this week just tidying up my desk at home. I sat there for hours, ploughing through the loads of papers stacked up. Due to my busy days I had taken to the habit of just stacking the non-essential-at-the-time-stuff. At least that is my excuse! Anyway, it was finding-gold time as I unearthed an old thats-where-you-went, or uncovered a misplaced still-useful-you-know-what.

As the minutes ticked by into hours, I felt very comfortable. I missed it – just being by myself (hence the title for those who still havent got it!)

It then took me another hour to sort out the paperwork I had to fill up! Now that I don’t miss!

Any Need To Grow?


On that night Hubby and I went for the Korean Dinner I noticed quite a few people glancing our way. I don’t think it was because of me! I had thought about putting on a saree since it was a cultural night. But I decided against it.

No, I think that it was because of our disparity in height. My hubby is short, even by Asian standards. His height is slightly below average standing at five feet three and three quarter inches. I am taller by a couple of inches AND I was wearing heels that night.

(Yes, I have permission from Hubby to post this!)

As a child Hubby’s parents tried to use Chinese remedies (such as making him eat peanut roots) to increase his stature. Well, I am not sure of its scientific veracity but to the Chinese because peanuts have long roots, eating it might cause the body to grow longer!

Alas, at five feet three and three quarter inches he stands still – not the shortest of course, but still short! I am glad to say that he has learned to live with being vertically challenged. Otherwise he wouldnt have chosen a taller wife. Yes, he has definitely learned to stand tall and it is never seen as a disadvantage to him. Or me.

For some people, however this height difference is a big issue. It is a tall order for them to accept their short stature (pun intended)

However, scientific help can be found – in the HGH or Human Growth Hormone. That’s right. hgh supplements has been proven scientifically to help. Not only does it help with growing, the good news of late is that it is also being used for weight management and anti-aging.

I might just get my hands on some myself – not for Hubby!