After A Meal Like This

This is what I had recently.


Confession – I had it more than once recently! In fact, my taste buds seem to be on a quest – to find the best in town!

You see, the other night, Hubby and I went to a place which, in our memory, used to serve this mouth-watering, fat-establishing, cholesterol-encouraging dish. The main ingredient that makes it super duper nice is…. the fried fat pieces. It has to have them, and in sufficient amounts to make the sauce gooey and tasty.

But when we went to this place which used to rank as number one, we were sadly disappointed. Perhaps some health-conscious customers had put a stop to it.

So we went on a quest.

And now we are in a predicament. We have probably wrecked the good that we had been doing to our bodies! We probably ought to do something about it, such as ingesting a fat burner instead!

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