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Big Boyz Toys


They called it the Big Boyz Toys event. Ferrari02Held at the largest mall in Borneo, it showcased the kind of toys that only the “big boys” could afford to have. The kind of big boys with big bank accounts!

FerrariHere’s Hubby and Arrow #3 posing with a Ferrari. I mean honestly, talk about toys for men! Not that we could afford any of this of course. Why, just maintaining such a “toy” and gettingĀ  replacementĀ  Ferrari parts would break our banks!

Still, it was fun to be that close to them!

Getting Desperate


OK, things are getting desperate here on the home gastronomy front!

This is what we had for dinner last week.

No, correction. This is what I had for dinner last week.

Upperstar01In case you can’t make out the dripping fat, it’s from a roast lamb…. and chips… drowned in mint sauce…. laced with coleslaw.

My salivary glands are working overtime now even as I post this.

I had been hankering for a roast lamb for weeks. Each weekend when Hubby and I go for dinner together without the children, I think about this dish. Finally got to eat it.

And then started to think about my weight.

And then felt convicted to think further, but this time about weight loss supplements Ha! WHY do I torture myself so?

I guess I love my food too much!