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From Sun to Snow!


Weeee! Skiing, here we come!

We have booked to go on a holiday next year! It is a holiday we have never done before. We have backpacked, we have camped, we have done the caravan bit. Yes, we have even done climbing mountains and staying overnight at islands. Why, we even got to see a turtle lay eggs in the middle of the night.

But this, this is a totally new experience! We are going for the snow and the thrill of skiing in Seoul Korea. It will be a escapade treat from hot tropical Malaysia, especially for our teenage daughter who has never seen snow before. Now for us oldies, hopefully we will not break any bones!

If we come out of this unscathed, who knows, Hubby says we might even venture further, to the US of A! Apparently the Vail Colorado of North America is another must-do!

I know, I know, we are mad to do this at our age! But hey, if not now, then when?!