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Against Crow’s Feet


Crows feet!

That’s another word for a dreaded development, especially on the face after skiing!

Yes, folks, I mean wrinkles!

We all are on a losing battle because of the aging process that everyone of us face. It doesn’t happen only on our face but is also noticeable in our hands. My grandma once held my hands and studied them intently, only to declare that they were “working hands” because of the wrinkles on them. Not that having such hands was wrong. What’s wrong with hard work anyway, right? At least that’s what I told myself then – more than thirty years ago!

However for most of us, the most worrying place to have these unwanted crevices would be at the eyebrows. They definitely give the appearance of age. And I suspect that my trip next year into the cold air will not help either.

Hence I might just tell Hubby what’s one item on my Christmas list this year! Anti- wrinkle cream that works! Ha!