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Eat to Live or Live to Eat





Do we eat to live or do we live to eat?

When we are young with lots of energy, burning off the calories can be done by plenty of activities and sports. But as we grow older, that’s another story! If we would continue enjoying our food to the excess, we will pay for the consequences. As our stomach screams futilely at us to stop, as our mouth continues chewing, as our hands continue reaching out for the next spoonful, we know full well that something has to give! Repeated discomfort from indigestion and the feelings of bloated stomach finally convince us that something HAS to be done! Drastic measures are needed.

BUT before we get to talking surgery such as stomach stapling, let’s look at alternatives. Maybe we should look at the prevention side. You know, we should somehow suppress appetite and not attack the fridge so often or have snacks lying around. That might be better than retrospectively doing something about it. Then we would eat to live…. as it should be….