Eat to Live or Live to Eat




Do we eat to live or do we live to eat?

When we are young with lots of energy, burning off the calories can be done by plenty of activities and sports. But as we grow older, that’s another story! If we would continue enjoying our food to the excess, we will pay for the consequences. As our stomach screams futilely at us to stop, as our mouth continues chewing, as our hands continue reaching out for the next spoonful, we know full well that something has to give! Repeated discomfort from indigestion and the feelings of bloated stomach finally convince us that something HAS to be done! Drastic measures are needed.

BUT before we get to talking surgery such as stomach stapling, let’s look at alternatives. Maybe we should look at the prevention side. You know, we should somehow suppress appetite and not attack the fridge so often or have snacks lying around. That might be better than retrospectively doing something about it. Then we would eat to live…. as it should be….

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4 Responses to “Eat to Live or Live to Eat”

  1. jonnygetsfit Says:

    You don’t need drugs – you can suppress appetite (actaully get your appetite back normal levels) by choosing the foods that your body needs.

    E.g. the body needs good fats, otherwise it can’t work correctly. For example, 75% of brain function is down to omega3. We also need omega6 to a lesser extent – these are good fats. Because we need good fats, we have ‘fat receptors’ in the mouth (which me means we naturally search out fat). If we eat good fats (e.g. nice piece of salmon), the fat receptors are satisfied, then the brain is satisfied, therefore we don’t get hungry again for a period of time. However, if we eat a burger, the fat receptors are satisfied initially, but the brain is not, therefore the brain tells the fat receptors to search out more fat – so we are hungry again very quickly.

    Therefore you need to work out what food has good fats, and what food has bad fats. The basic rule is that oily fish, omega3 eggs, lean meats, nuts & seeds contain good fats. Processed food (anything with an ingredients list), deep-fried food, and take-aways contain bad fats.

    The other thing you need to do is redress your insulin balance – your body will keep craving food if you are insulin resistant (and if you’ve eaten processed food and take-aways for a long period of time, there is a good chance you are). The only way to do this is to drop the processed food and replace it with fresh fruit & veg. Google insulin resistance for details.

    I will be writing a article on the subject soon at my bog:


  2. blogpastor Says:

    Eating out of habit seems to be my mode. Somehow the idea of skipping a meal when I am not hungry is something I just can’t seem to get use to. Even though research shows eating less lengthens life.


  3. jonnygetsfit Says:

    you don’t have to skip any meals – just eat the right foods for your meals.

    If you do that for an extended period of time, then you won’t get hungry as often – you have to break the circle of processed foods!


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