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You Get What You Pay For


Bother! Our house is barely 18 months old and already some of our faucets are leaking and breaking down. Handles are going, water is not flowing well, and some parts seem so loose despite being tightened.

I guess we made a mistake of not getting good quality faucets. We though that by saving a few dollars here and there, we were being clever! With hindsight, we should have done more research. Equipment from places like Hansgrohe, a world renown brand when it comes to bathroom and kitchen fittings would never let us down.

Now, when the contractor comes back to do some minor remedial work over the next few weeks, we will have to ask him to help do some repairs of a different sort!


Insurance of All Kinds


Well now, after all that talk about health insurance in my last post, I have somehow stirred interest in some readers. Interest in other forms of insurance.

In particular, some are folks who are slightly older. They have been expressing concern as they get older, wondering if there were ways that they could ensure the care of those they love.

Initially a sobering conversation, in the course of chatting, we then discover that there are such things as life insurance for senior citizens. That’s good news for these friends of mine. I guess you can get insurance for all sorts of things really. It’s a matter of tailoring to your needs, and matching with what is available. You need a good agent for that!