Make Life Easier

This is one of those rare occasions again – two posts in one day! Just had to mention this though. It was as if a lightbulb came on.

I refer to the conversation I had this afternoon.

I was fumbling with the LCD projector. It was an old one. Not very clear. And certainly not very bright. Worse, there were two lines running down the entire length of the display. Sigh. It was not going to be fun to get this ready.

Then the person who was observing me said, “We should get rid of this.”

And even before he finished speaking, I KNEW where he was heading!

Plasma or LCD TV screens of course! That was soooo obviously simple! Do away with all the fiddling, and maintenance, not to mention the reduced brilliance! Why, all the images would be as clear as…. what I see on my computer screen! If not better!

What’s more, this person said that it was probably within budget!

Now all I need is some TV wall mount which should be easy enough to source!


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