A Celebration!

A friend just gave birth! What joy! They now have two sons as well, and they are also 21 months apart, like ours are.

What’s more, their second son is also named the same as ours.

AND guess what! They ALSO got a present for the older son saying that it was from the younger one, to help with the bonding. Cool!

I told them that they should celebrate. That made me think about how people celebrate special occasions such as this. Go get drunk! Shout out the news! Yes, even get out the cigars!

Hmmm I suppose getting a bottle of wine is easy enough. Champagne too!

Broadcasting the news is easy these days with the internet and networking sites.

How about cigar? I guess some would look for cigars online to see what there was. But you would have to order them early. Yes a bit of planning would be needed…. but what fun it would be to celebrate a new life!

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