Wrinkle… NOT

I met someone the other day. We got chatting and got on like a house on fire. I found out she was a nurse and midwife, trained from England, just as I was, although we were in different parts of the country. Turns out that we were there at different times too. Thinking that I was older than her, I joked that she was too young to have been there when I was.

To my surprise, she told me when she was there and indicated that she was older than I. I must confess I did a very impolite thing – I gaped.

Her skin was flawless, glowing and wrinkle free. I mean, honestly, did she pile on the best wrinkle creams that money can buy? I knew she was being paid fat bucks to be a personal attendant.But surely,,,,,

Then as she stroked my cheek and commended how “sweet” my skin was (yuck!) she confessed her passion – cosmetic surgery!


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