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The Right Way to Set Up a Tree


Have you ever wondered if there was a right or wrong way to set up a Christmas tree?

Have you ever thought about ways to improve your tree decorating time?

Do you dread this time of the year and wonder how ANYONE could enjoy the decoration bit?

Well, wonder no more. Take a little trip to EADotCom and have fun learning some of my tips on setting up the tree. It is, after all, less than a month to Christmas Day!

A Gun to My Daughter’s Head


Two weeks ago, we went into a shop together – my daughter and I. There, a little nervously, she had a gun held to her head.

To her ears to be more precise.

And to be even MORE precise, to the earlobes.

She had her ears pierced with a gun that works like a staple gun.

In my time, it was done by hand, a needle and some ginger for local anaesthetic. Rub the raw ginger and then push with the special needle.

Want some gory details? Read on. Otherwise stop here!

Well, my left ear lobe was pretty straight forward. The needle went in well and then the special earring was put in place.

Then it was my right ear lobe.

As the needle went it, the assistant’s hands slipped.

She apologised, my heart skipped a beat and went on a double fast beat, and my sweat started to bead on my forehead.

The assistant was flustered. There were eyes all watching her.

But not my Mom – I got her permission to go with a friend as she was at work. “Moooom!” my heart screamed silently.

She came at me a second time.

Phew. This time she got it right and put on the earring.

And now I have two holes in my right lobe. Two from the front and one from the back. Once, when I had stopped wearing earrings, I found that the only way I could find that patent hole was to push from the back first.

The things we women do for fashion and vanity!

The Q & A of Cough


Have you ever heard of The Q&A of Cough?


Ah… go check it out then….

Looking Ahead to 2010


I know, I know, Christmas isnt even upon us yet. My friend on Facebook noted that it is one month to Christmas.

But I am somewhat excited. I even told some people I hardly knew about it.

What am I ranting about? Why, my Chinese New Year holidays!

Come the Chinese new year, we will enjoy our first ever (and hopefully more to come) ski vacation!

Hubby and I have never ever skied on snow before, and I am hopeless at ice skating! No wait, I am hopeless at roller skating… Ohhhh have we taken more than we can chew?

But, “no venture no gain” as Hubby would put it. And it would be good exposure for our daughter as she is coming along. She has never even seen snow before! So, yes, we go ahead. And look forward to more ski vacations to come!



After months and months of inactivity, today, I noticed it start up again. Strange.

The left side of my face, just below my left eye, begun to twitch as I chatted with a friend over a cup of coffee.

Before you suggest it was stress-related, let me assure you I wasnt feeling stressed at all. On the contrary.

Any one has any ideas why this happens?

Minus WHAT?


I was invited to go into this room. Initially hesitant, I was persuaded that it was a unique experience which would not harm me.

To get to this room, I had to negotiate eardrum-smashing music, epileptic-inducing lights and crowds…. I like people. It’s crowds I dont like.

Anyway, I was finally led to this door where two men stood there, one with dark sunglasses on. Yes, indoors, and at 10pm at night. You get the sort of place it was….!

The person who led me spoke to one of the guards (obviously that’s who they were!) Actually, strictly speaking, he didnt speak. He tried to shout but it didnt work. So he gestured.

And the guards moved slightly away from the door and we entered….

And then through the door….

To this.The ice room. Minus sixteen degrees centigrade.

I was only wearing cotton.

Interesting that people would pay just to go into such a cold room. The novelty? Too much money to pay?

Since it was supposed to be so special, we snapped a photo, grinned a little and left…. Hmmmm

With Hindsight


We met with a friend over supper the other night. He was troubled. Normally not the sort to bring his work home, he was concerned about a member of his staff. Without giving much away and yet sharing his fears, it would seem that he is in a predicament.

This made me think. Do you really know who you are employing every time you interview someone? On paper, the person might seem suitable. Certainly smooth talkers with impressive CVs can so easily pull the wool over your eyes. CVs can be faked too.

So what can you do? Apart from calling their previous employer and and checking thoroughly the reference given in the CV, it is also wiser and safer to have get professional employee screening services. Better be safe than to be sorry.

Not that it helps my friend at present. But perhaps that is for future reference…..

Getting Fit…


Of late, with the goal of climbing Mt K, we now go to gym or the swimming pool regularly, although not as often as we’d like. Some weeks our schedules get so busy, it is difficult to get to the gym on time before it closes. Other times we have many things going on.

Hubby is tempted to get some exercise equipment to use at home while watching the TV. He mentioned a treadmill or a gym bicycle. Either should do nicely to keep the cardio exercise going, he reckons.

But I remember times past where we did get some things, albeit single use and cheap. We hardly used them after the initial burst of zeal. It was hard to press on doing the workouts on our own. What would be best is if we could get some fitness equipment which are second hand but still good. Then we could get more for the same price, and be more likely to continue doing the workouts together.

At least that’s my excuse for getting more equipment!

Almost Ready!



After two days off (read two weeks because I get a day off a week)

Yes, folks, finally the decorations in Bethany are up!

“Photos!” I hear you say. Ah but you must wait a little. You see, I still have one problem to overcome.

The lights gave way – again. They don’t make them like they used to. I wish these fiddly things could be easier to fix and replace – apart from buying a new set, that is. If they were made with non insulated terminals then surely they would not only last longer, but also make it easier to take care.

But then, I suppose, the manufacturers would not be able to sell that many sets each Christmas…..

Let’s go shopping, dear.

To do or not to do


Sometimes it is hard to know what to do. Whatever you choose, someone is going to get hurt, another will get offended, and yet another will be somehow affected negatively. The phrase “damned if I do and damned if I dont” comes to mind.

So what IS one supposed to do when in such a predicament?

Bottom line?

People or project? I always defer to people.

Long term or short term? One should always aim for the former where possible.

Encompassing or restrictive? My philosophy is always to have more.

And so, the question once again – what’s the bottom line?

And the answer is, “If it is for the good of many and it will help to develop and progress in the long term, then let’s go ahead.”

Regardless if some are offended or you end up being disliked….. Offences will come, as Jesus said. And even He didnt please everyone!