Just Do It!

After days, no weeks, of deliberation, we finally worked it out!

Hubby and I had been trying to consider when was the best time to get my aged parents over for hols and to see our new home. We despaired when the cost of air tickets spiralled up each time we checked. We considered differing dates with no satisfaction. The matter seemed unresolvable.

Until this evening that is.

I suddenly had an urge to get my parents over for Christmas. And I gave Hubby good clear reasons too. He agreed!

But there was no internet access at home! Hmmmm

No to be deterred, we headed off to the nearby coffeeshop with free wifi. Ordering some snacks, we then settled down and logged on.

Voila! Cheap fares on a non-low budget airline! Almost too good to be true?

A quick call to the dear ones and a couple of clicks later, mission accomplished!

I am excited even now as I type this from the coffeeshop still. This is hot off the press stuff!

What’s so exciting? Two fold!

One, that my parents can spend Christmas here.

Two, that I “heard right” and just did it – even though it’s past midnight now!


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2 Responses to “Just Do It!”

  1. blogpastor Says:

    Ha ha God is soooooo good! Amen.


  2. Metamor4sis Says:

    Yes indeed, yes indeed =)


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