Getting Fit…

Of late, with the goal of climbing Mt K, we now go to gym or the swimming pool regularly, although not as often as we’d like. Some weeks our schedules get so busy, it is difficult to get to the gym on time before it closes. Other times we have many things going on.

Hubby is tempted to get some exercise equipment to use at home while watching the TV. He mentioned a treadmill or a gym bicycle. Either should do nicely to keep the cardio exercise going, he reckons.

But I remember times past where we did get some things, albeit single use and cheap. We hardly used them after the initial burst of zeal. It was hard to press on doing the workouts on our own. What would be best is if we could get some fitness equipment which are second hand but still good. Then we could get more for the same price, and be more likely to continue doing the workouts together.

At least that’s my excuse for getting more equipment!

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2 Responses to “Getting Fit…”

  1. blogpastor Says:

    That’s a wonderful goal. At the end of it is good health. Tell us how it turned out.


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