Minus WHAT?

I was invited to go into this room. Initially hesitant, I was persuaded that it was a unique experience which would not harm me.

To get to this room, I had to negotiate eardrum-smashing music, epileptic-inducing lights and crowds…. I like people. It’s crowds I dont like.

Anyway, I was finally led to this door where two men stood there, one with dark sunglasses on. Yes, indoors, and at 10pm at night. You get the sort of place it was….!

The person who led me spoke to one of the guards (obviously that’s who they were!) Actually, strictly speaking, he didnt speak. He tried to shout but it didnt work. So he gestured.

And the guards moved slightly away from the door and we entered….

And then through the door….

To this.The ice room. Minus sixteen degrees centigrade.

I was only wearing cotton.

Interesting that people would pay just to go into such a cold room. The novelty? Too much money to pay?

Since it was supposed to be so special, we snapped a photo, grinned a little and left…. Hmmmm

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5 Responses to “Minus WHAT?”

  1. janet Says:

    i’ve never been to a -16 deg temp room. i would definitely pay and get the experience.

    so why lah, you’re only wearing cotton? was it unplanned?


  2. blogpastor Says:

    Where’s this?


  3. 2010 in Review « Metamor4Sis Says:

    […] The busiest day of the year was January 7th with 199 views. The most popular post that day was Minus WHAT?. […]


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