Looking Ahead to 2010

I know, I know, Christmas isnt even upon us yet. My friend on Facebook noted that it is one month to Christmas.

But I am somewhat excited. I even told some people I hardly knew about it.

What am I ranting about? Why, my Chinese New Year holidays!

Come the Chinese new year, we will enjoy our first ever (and hopefully more to come) ski vacation!

Hubby and I have never ever skied on snow before, and I am hopeless at ice skating! No wait, I am hopeless at roller skating… Ohhhh have we taken more than we can chew?

But, “no venture no gain” as Hubby would put it. And it would be good exposure for our daughter as she is coming along. She has never even seen snow before! So, yes, we go ahead. And look forward to more ski vacations to come!

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2 Responses to “Looking Ahead to 2010”

  1. kelvin Says:

    So good~ u could go skiing during CNY! I am always busy like hell when the day comes.


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