A Gun to My Daughter’s Head

Two weeks ago, we went into a shop together – my daughter and I. There, a little nervously, she had a gun held to her head.

To her ears to be more precise.

And to be even MORE precise, to the earlobes.

She had her ears pierced with a gun that works like a staple gun.

In my time, it was done by hand, a needle and some ginger for local anaesthetic. Rub the raw ginger and then push with the special needle.

Want some gory details? Read on. Otherwise stop here!

Well, my left ear lobe was pretty straight forward. The needle went in well and then the special earring was put in place.

Then it was my right ear lobe.

As the needle went it, the assistant’s hands slipped.

She apologised, my heart skipped a beat and went on a double fast beat, and my sweat started to bead on my forehead.

The assistant was flustered. There were eyes all watching her.

But not my Mom – I got her permission to go with a friend as she was at work. “Moooom!” my heart screamed silently.

She came at me a second time.

Phew. This time she got it right and put on the earring.

And now I have two holes in my right lobe. Two from the front and one from the back. Once, when I had stopped wearing earrings, I found that the only way I could find that patent hole was to push from the back first.

The things we women do for fashion and vanity!

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