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Post Christmas


It’s often a mad rush to Christmas. Especially if you work for a church. What’s more if you have school going children who need to be sorted out in the new school year.

Even more, if the schooling children are being placed in different parts of the country… or worse, in DIFFERENT countries!

Ah well, thank God we can have peace from Him – the peace that passes all understanding. That will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Thank you Lord!

Maitaining The Pearly Whites


I just love my morning coffee. The local version. Thick, black. Hmmm mmmm!

I also love the local tea. The kind that has that frothy head, like this one. Made by “pulling the tea” this can only be truly frothy if there is condensed milk.

Alas, my two favourite drinks come with a price. Apart from the high doses of sugar that some shops serve them with, the incredible rush of caffeine followed by the low, there is also the staining of teeth!

These drinks can stain those pearly whites. What’s more, as I grow older, apparently this staining and discolouration is a natural occurrence!

I am so glad that help is readily available these days. Modern safe and cosmetic dentistry is now not only easily available,  it is often just a click away. For instance, companies such as Orange NJ invisalign are specialists in this. Affordable and quick.

So now I just have to decide when!

What Timing What Spirit


It’s supposed to be a season of joy. Of hope.

But I  heard rumojurs that someone I know would be out of a job by the new  year. What lousy timing, right? You’d think it’s probably going to be a very bleak Christmas for her, knowing that good jobs are not exactly easy to find these days.

Guess what.

She’s absolutely chirpy and happy. Gay as a lark, as some would say. She’s going around passing out little presents to her friends and family without a care in the world.

Her rationale?

Looking for jobs can take place in the new year. Presently, she’s celebrating the best Present of all – Jesus!

I like her spunkiness and spirit! This then, IS a season of joy and hope – because she has HOPE from within her!

Christmas Conspiracy Theories


I have a friend who takes good photos. So good in fact, he gets paid for them. He’s had exhibitions too.

I have a friend who writes well. So well in fact, he gets asked to write in a few places.

Like this one, about Christmas conspiracy theories.

Bob, sometimes I wish I could write like you…



Recently I had to remind some friends to try to remember to use my new name.

The movie Face Off was showing recently. This is about a top cop losing his identity to a criminal who took his face and posed as him. It’s a great show, starring John Travolta and Nicholas Cage, and I shant let the cat out of the bag to those who havent seen this.

Anyway, this set me thinking. What IS identity?

I think that your name and your reputation is your identity. Lose your name and your reputation, and you lose everything you possess and everything you stand for. All your possession are registered under your name. People who have been dealing with you and continue to do business with you do so because of your reputation. They trust you.
This means it is very important to safeguard your identity through continual honesty in everything you do. Once it is sullied it is very difficult to regain trust. So protect it.

But nowadays there are so many cases of identity theft perpetuated online. They do this through phishing and by hacking into your accounts. Why, hacking is so prevalent these days that many would say that it is essential to have some form of identity theft protection The last thing you’d want it to be found responsible for things and issues that had no concern with you. Worse, you might find yourself put in an embarrassing situation through no fault of your own …. just what happened to a friend of mine recently – his Facebook account was highjacked and his relationship status changed! Hahahahaha!

Evidence of Life


What a choice to be made – your wife or the baby your wife is carrying.

Who knows, both might perish.

Such then, was the dilemma a young man had four years ago.

What was the final decision?

Read about it here and see pictorial evidence. The evidence of life.

God is good. All the time. Even when we dont think or feel it’s true.



I had leaned over the back of the settee to reach for something. It was just out of my reach. So I stretched for it.

That was when I felt a twinge.

Not succeeding, I asked for assistance and then carried on with what I had to do.

Subsequently I felt a numb localised ache at my right lower rib area.

That was three days ago in the office.

Then yesterday, I drove around doing some errands, one of which was to pick up some people and take them to different places. Enjoying a joke in the car, I turned slightly to look at my passengers in the back seat.

That was when I felt another twinge.

After dropping off my passengers, the twinge and ache and pain hit me with a ferocity I could never have imagined.

It spread forwards and backwards, gripping me with increasing intensity. Breathing was no longer spontaneous. Driving was awkward as I began to use only one arm, thanking God for automatic cars. Even though the car aircon was on, I began to sweat. Mentally, my mind began to race, mentally testing myself and going through a simple check list – what little I could recall.

Deciding that it was not life-endangering, I continued with my scheduled plans, driving around more, finishing my errands at the office. Then from the office, I headed to the doctor’s, still feeling as if a knockout punch had been thrown at my ribs. No, more like an uppercut.

At the doctor’s clinic, I found out that I had damaged an intercostal muscle. Twisting, turning and moving must have aggravated it. The pain was excruciating. As I was being examined, I could only groan replies.

Let me elaborate. I delivered two out of three children without the assistance of analgesia (the first was an almost 24 hour labour). I have had two slipped discs and didnt take any analgesia. I am not one with low pain threshold.

But who would have thought such a small thing could create such a big reaction.

Last night, Hubby applied local anaesthetic gel and this morn I took some prescribed anti-inflammatory tablets. I still refuse to take strong painkillers (call me stubborn!)

I still have a somewhat “raw” area, but am thankful that the acute huge area has shrunk a lot.  I cant imagine how it would feel now if I hadnt taken the medication. Phew.

Staff Dinner


Had the staff round recently.

Dinner together.

Hubby cooked his wonderful roast chicken, topped with pineapple slices.

My Mom made her yummy chicken pie. And yes, the crust is homemade, not store bought!

We had corn on the cob complementing my cauliflower, french bean, carrot and corn kernel salad.

And all that with roast potatoes.

I enjoyed myself!

Needing Directions


My friend tells me that there is a new development and he wants me to take it on. It’s special reflective strips. No, wait. It’s not just reflective. It’s luminous. It shines in the dark. Ideal to guide people out in a fire, especially if it happens in the night.

He says he can get the franchise for it and if I do the marketing and installation for him, he will give me a cut.

Now, honestly speaking. Can you see me doing this?

Having said that, what do you look out for when the fire alarm rings? The!

What is the most important sign in a building when you want to get out? The exit signs!

Exit signs are needed to be installed by law for safety regulations in every country. With proper exit signs and these luminous strips to guide people, many lives could be saved.

Of course, if you were visually impaired, these signs and strips are not very useful. But I found out that nowadays not only eco-friendly and energy-efficient exit signs are available. There are even braille exit signs! Cool….

More Traffic is Good


I have a friend who makes money by writing on her websites. She has a few sites and does well enough to go on holidays a few times a year with her husband. Not bad eh?

Well, I found out that making money online is an alternative income generator for those who can write. With the bad employment situation worldwide, this is pretty good and easy income, and from the comfort of your own home.

However, advertisers and contents providers only want writers who have high traffic flow to their blog to write for them. After all, who wants to pay for a site that doesn’t get read by anyone.

This then, is the dilemma for writers who come into blogging late – breaking into the net and getting attention is very difficult. Google issues Page Rank ratings based on traffic to your site. Without traffic and a decent Page Rank, you will find it difficult to get offers to write.

According to some who have made it, a web directory submission makes it easier to get higher traffic volume.

Not that I have tried it myself of course…. but it does make you think, if you want a paying hobby….