During the run up to the year end, things can get pretty stressful in our household. What’s more, of our three children, one just passed the teenage years but the other two are now smack in the middle of it. Their active social life at this time of the year and their increased responsibilities seem to be fun despite being stressful… until they start to sprout.

Sprout acne, that is.

Teenage and acne seems to be synonymous. Those years of making good impressions on your friends does not help when acne sprout like wild flowers. They do so much damage to your self esteem. What’s more, at this time of the year when you want to look your best at photo sessions! Acne attacks can be awful and cause low self esteem in our children even though they KNOW they are loved and cherished!

So this is where as parents we need to know where to get the best acne treatment. We can make the difference between a good memory of Christmas and a dreadful one which they’d rather forget!

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