More Traffic is Good

I have a friend who makes money by writing on her websites. She has a few sites and does well enough to go on holidays a few times a year with her husband. Not bad eh?

Well, I found out that making money online is an alternative income generator for those who can write. With the bad employment situation worldwide, this is pretty good and easy income, and from the comfort of your own home.

However, advertisers and contents providers only want writers who have high traffic flow to their blog to write for them. After all, who wants to pay for a site that doesn’t get read by anyone.

This then, is the dilemma for writers who come into blogging late – breaking into the net and getting attention is very difficult. Google issues Page Rank ratings based on traffic to your site. Without traffic and a decent Page Rank, you will find it difficult to get offers to write.

According to some who have made it, a web directory submission makes it easier to get higher traffic volume.

Not that I have tried it myself of course…. but it does make you think, if you want a paying hobby….

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