Needing Directions

My friend tells me that there is a new development and he wants me to take it on. It’s special reflective strips. No, wait. It’s not just reflective. It’s luminous. It shines in the dark. Ideal to guide people out in a fire, especially if it happens in the night.

He says he can get the franchise for it and if I do the marketing and installation for him, he will give me a cut.

Now, honestly speaking. Can you see me doing this?

Having said that, what do you look out for when the fire alarm rings? The!

What is the most important sign in a building when you want to get out? The exit signs!

Exit signs are needed to be installed by law for safety regulations in every country. With proper exit signs and these luminous strips to guide people, many lives could be saved.

Of course, if you were visually impaired, these signs and strips are not very useful. But I found out that nowadays not only eco-friendly and energy-efficient exit signs are available. There are even braille exit signs! Cool….

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