I had leaned over the back of the settee to reach for something. It was just out of my reach. So I stretched for it.

That was when I felt a twinge.

Not succeeding, I asked for assistance and then carried on with what I had to do.

Subsequently I felt a numb localised ache at my right lower rib area.

That was three days ago in the office.

Then yesterday, I drove around doing some errands, one of which was to pick up some people and take them to different places. Enjoying a joke in the car, I turned slightly to look at my passengers in the back seat.

That was when I felt another twinge.

After dropping off my passengers, the twinge and ache and pain hit me with a ferocity I could never have imagined.

It spread forwards and backwards, gripping me with increasing intensity. Breathing was no longer spontaneous. Driving was awkward as I began to use only one arm, thanking God for automatic cars. Even though the car aircon was on, I began to sweat. Mentally, my mind began to race, mentally testing myself and going through a simple check list – what little I could recall.

Deciding that it was not life-endangering, I continued with my scheduled plans, driving around more, finishing my errands at the office. Then from the office, I headed to the doctor’s, still feeling as if a knockout punch had been thrown at my ribs. No, more like an uppercut.

At the doctor’s clinic, I found out that I had damaged an intercostal muscle. Twisting, turning and moving must have aggravated it. The pain was excruciating. As I was being examined, I could only groan replies.

Let me elaborate. I delivered two out of three children without the assistance of analgesia (the first was an almost 24 hour labour). I have had two slipped discs and didnt take any analgesia. I am not one with low pain threshold.

But who would have thought such a small thing could create such a big reaction.

Last night, Hubby applied local anaesthetic gel and this morn I took some prescribed anti-inflammatory tablets. I still refuse to take strong painkillers (call me stubborn!)

I still have a somewhat “raw” area, but am thankful that the acute huge area has shrunk a lot.  I cant imagine how it would feel now if I hadnt taken the medication. Phew.


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