Recently I had to remind some friends to try to remember to use my new name.

The movie Face Off was showing recently. This is about a top cop losing his identity to a criminal who took his face and posed as him. It’s a great show, starring John Travolta and Nicholas Cage, and I shant let the cat out of the bag to those who havent seen this.

Anyway, this set me thinking. What IS identity?

I think that your name and your reputation is your identity. Lose your name and your reputation, and you lose everything you possess and everything you stand for. All your possession are registered under your name. People who have been dealing with you and continue to do business with you do so because of your reputation. They trust you.
This means it is very important to safeguard your identity through continual honesty in everything you do. Once it is sullied it is very difficult to regain trust. So protect it.

But nowadays there are so many cases of identity theft perpetuated online. They do this through phishing and by hacking into your accounts. Why, hacking is so prevalent these days that many would say that it is essential to have some form of identity theft protection The last thing you’d want it to be found responsible for things and issues that had no concern with you. Worse, you might find yourself put in an embarrassing situation through no fault of your own …. just what happened to a friend of mine recently – his Facebook account was highjacked and his relationship status changed! Hahahahaha!

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