What Timing What Spirit

It’s supposed to be a season of joy. Of hope.

But I  heard rumojurs that someone I know would be out of a job by the new  year. What lousy timing, right? You’d think it’s probably going to be a very bleak Christmas for her, knowing that good jobs are not exactly easy to find these days.

Guess what.

She’s absolutely chirpy and happy. Gay as a lark, as some would say. She’s going around passing out little presents to her friends and family without a care in the world.

Her rationale?

Looking for jobs can take place in the new year. Presently, she’s celebrating the best Present of all – Jesus!

I like her spunkiness and spirit! This then, IS a season of joy and hope – because she has HOPE from within her!

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2 Responses to “What Timing What Spirit”

  1. blogpastor Says:

    The Lord has a way of shielding us from fears and anxiety. A kind of divine anaesthesia; the “deep sleep” of peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Such people are witnesses to Christ’s power.


  2. Metamor4sis Says:

    That is sooo true, Ps Kenny. Praise God for that!


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