Maitaining The Pearly Whites

I just love my morning coffee. The local version. Thick, black. Hmmm mmmm!

I also love the local tea. The kind that has that frothy head, like this one. Made by “pulling the tea” this can only be truly frothy if there is condensed milk.

Alas, my two favourite drinks come with a price. Apart from the high doses of sugar that some shops serve them with, the incredible rush of caffeine followed by the low, there is also the staining of teeth!

These drinks can stain those pearly whites. What’s more, as I grow older, apparently this staining and discolouration is a natural occurrence!

I am so glad that help is readily available these days. Modern safe and cosmetic dentistry is now not only easily available,  it is often just a click away. For instance, companies such as Orange NJ invisalign are specialists in this. Affordable and quick.

So now I just have to decide when!

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