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To Lose and Yet Win


OK. So we are asked to fast. No, not just one day, but three!

Just as well I suppose. Otherwise, in this season where there is always an abundance of food, weight gain means money loss! In fact, it is so easy to gain weight but we never think about money when we enjoy the food and drinks we consume while gaining weight.

Of course exercise and diet must be top of the list in terms of methods of losing weight. Then there is the best weight loss pill which is probably worth a try. But I think I will lose weight from this fasting period too. And that, is surely losing to win!



During the run up to the year end, things can get pretty stressful in our household. What’s more, of our three children, one just passed the teenage years but the other two are now smack in the middle of it. Their active social life at this time of the year and their increased responsibilities seem to be fun despite being stressful… until they start to sprout.

Sprout acne, that is.

Teenage and acne seems to be synonymous. Those years of making good impressions on your friends does not help when acne sprout like wild flowers. They do so much damage to your self esteem. What’s more, at this time of the year when you want to look your best at photo sessions! Acne attacks can be awful and cause low self esteem in our children even though they KNOW they are loved and cherished!

So this is where as parents we need to know where to get the best acne treatment. We can make the difference between a good memory of Christmas and a dreadful one which they’d rather forget!

Wish List


Buy! Buy! Buy! Tis the season not only to get ready to be merry but also to spend spend spend. The malls are shouting out for us to buy. Advertising are clamoring for our attention to buy. Because this is the time of the year to buy for Christmas and the New Year!

Do you have a wish list? Whether you do or dont, how would you know what the best deal is?

Short of diligently studying every single advertisement and price tag on display, we will never know.

This is where I think going online where they all the legwork and homework is done for you will get you the Best Buy, hassle-free and in the shortest time. More and more people are turning to online shopping.

And so will I!

Being Prepared!


I stood on the scales at the gym. Good! The weight is still off. But I was getting concerned nonetheless.

Christmas is coming up and soon after that is the New Year. This means celebrations and yet more celebrations. And no decent celebration would save on food….  and rich food at that! So, the ultimate result is the obvious unwanted weight gain and expanded girth (pun intended).

So what am I supposed to do? Felt pretty desperate really… until someone sent me an email about alli reviews Apparently this over the counter form of the prescription fat blocker Xenical when used properly can help me lose up to 50% more weight than diet and exercise alone. So I am going to check this out a bit more – after my celebrations!

Roll on a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!